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Do you have electrical problems that you would like diagnosed? New light fixtures that you would like installed? We at Handyman Can of San Clemente can help you with any electrical situation you may have. Whether its repairing electrical, installing electrical, new electrical or electrical fixtures, we are here to help! Ceiling fans, can lights, vanity lights, undercounter kitchen lighting, motion sensor lights, sockets, switches, garage lighting and even landscape lighting just to name a few.


Clogged drains? Vanities? Toilets? If you have any plumbing issue, Handyman Can of San Clemente can help you. Garbage disposal installations, dishwashers, new faucet fixtures, new toilets....No matter what the plumbing situation, Handyman Can of San Clemente will take care of it! Water filtration systems, shower fixtures, new drains, sprinkler systems....If there's water, we can fix it! Theres nothing Handyman Can can't do.

Drywall & Miscellaneous Install & Repair

Handyman Can of San Clemente has mastered the art of drywall repair. Have you had a plumbing leak that has left you with holes in the walls? new construction that needs drywall? Handyman Can will repair drywall and match texture to the absolute highest degree of quality. Faulty copper pipe or leaky upstairs toilets? Mold? No matter how bad or messy the drywall condition is we can take care of it quick and easy. No drawn out procedures or messes, just years of knowledge and experience to do the job right!

Home Security

Home Security is a growing issue now days. Handyman can of San Clemente understands the importance of keeping your home safe and can install home security systems for you in no time. We also work with products that safe guard any home in the most secure yet low cost way. Outdoor security camera mounting, cable runs, door alarms, jam reinforcement, motion sensors and much more. Any questions or concerns just give us a call and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have or help.

Voted #1 handyman company in San've tried the rest now try the best. Serving San Clemente since 1999 and over 35 years experience, we pride ourselves on absolutely flawless work in the fastest most professional way. Over 200 satisfied customers right here in San Clemente alone and also in the surrounding areas! We understand how hard it is to find a reliable and trustworthy person to help you with your household needs and also pride ourselves on an oldschool work ethic and frame of mind. Expert craftsmanship, repairs, installations and much more done to the higest standard of quality and in the most timely fashion possible. We will NOT rip you off!!! Check us out on Facebook, Twitter Pinterest and YouTube...Oh yes we are very Social! Give Handyman Can a call and set up your appointment today!