Company Info

    Here is a brief summary of company info for Handyman Can of San Clemente. We have been serving San Clemente since 1999. With over 35 years experience, we pride ourselves on absolutely flawless work in the fastest most professional way. Over 300 satisfied regular customers right here in San Clemente alone, and also in the surrounding areas! We understand how hard it is to find a reliable and trustworthy person to help you with your household needs and we also pride ourselves on an old school work ethic and frame of mind. Expert craftsmanship with repairs, installations and much more done to the highest standard of quality, and in the most timely fashion possible. We will NOT rip you off!!! Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube…Oh yes we are very Social! Give Handyman Can a call with any questions. If we can help you with a problem over the phone it’s our pleasure. We have in depth experience in all of the industrial arts. Plumbing, electrical, carpentry, painting, cabinetry, and more are no problem. Where other companies are sending out workers with little expertise, I am a one man operation and I am the one who shows up at your door. All work is completely guaranteed. It would be fantastic if I could hire additional help but unfortunately this is a business of solving problems, and I draw on all of my years of experience to solve those problems. Houses have become much more complicated with more systems to break down and maintain. Handyman Can of San Clemente works hard to keep up with knowledge of these systems and how to repair and install them properly. Although we are some times out of reach due to cell phone drops, we will always make an effort to answer your calls personally.